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   No, it is never too late to mediate~

   Mediation is a confidential process used to resolve disputes. It is a viable option to explore or pursue prior to taking legal action or even in the midst of litigation. It takes place in a peaceful, non-hostile environment.

The session provides each participant an opportunity to speak and be heard, a responsibility to listen and hear, and ultimately the liberty to resolve the matter on their own terms thus avoiding an adversarial approach.

   Jim Jinks is a seasoned, impartial, experienced, neutral third party and has no vested interest in the outcome. He will not take sides with either party. He is not the decision maker-the participants are. Jim's legal experience and skills assist the participants in opening lines of communication that have eluded them to date. The true spirit of mediation is for all parties involved to participate with the honest intent of finding a mutually satisfactory resolution to the dispute by the end of the session.

Vital ingredients for a successful mediation session:

†All participants must appear in good faith

†All participants must be open to negotiation

†All participants must be willing to compromise

Participants are free to leave or terminate the session at any time. The process is not legally binding unless all parties agree to terms and sign an agreement that defines those terms. Once signed by all interested parties, the agreement is binding and will have the validity of a contract. In the event a settlement is not reached, negotiations and/or offers of settlement made during the session are confidential. Each participant will be bound by the confidentiality agreement unless all sides agree otherwise.

If you have a matter of conflict and all parties concerned are in agreement to participate in the mediation process, call our office today to schedule your mediation session.

Rates vary based on the session length – however, the cost is a one time occurrence and is extremely economical when compared to the price and process of litigation.



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